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KSSM Snehapoorvam Scholarship

KSSM Snehapoorvam Scholarship

The KSSM Snehapoorvam Scholarship applications school year 2020-21 student registration portal opened. Children are the best assets of our nation. Investing in them is investing for a far better future for our country & for our world. Considering all the truth of these situations faced by some children (orphans) in our society.

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KSSM Snehapoorvam Scholarship: Objective

  • To spot the orphaned children within the community.
  • To assess and prioritize children within the greatest need
  • And To supply social protection to highly vulnerable groups of orphans by strengthening traditional family and community systems for shielding and absorbing orphans.
  • To enhance the essential education, social integration, and nutrition of the foremost vulnerable groups of orphans towards the number of other children within the community.
  • And to encourage families to measure their children within the family found out instead of sending them to orphanages.
  • To increase a hand to those orphan’s families by way of providing financial assistance to the education of youngsters.

KSSM Snehapoorvam Scholarship 2020: Eligibility Criteria

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  • Children who have lost either father or mother or both.
  • Students from the first standard to degree classes.
  • Children below 5 years.
  • Children who belong to the BPL category.
  • for youngsters belonging to the APL category, annual income should be below Rs. 20,000 in rural areas (Local body / Grama Panchayat) and Rs. 22,375 in urban areas (Corporation / Municipality).

Amount of Assistance

  • Children below 5 years and sophistication I to V @ Rs.300/pm
  • For sophistication VI to class X @ Rs 500/pm
  • For sophistication XI and sophistication XII @ Rs 750/pm
  • And for degree courses / professional degree @ 1000/pm

Scheme Details

The statistics reveal that in Kerala, around 75,000 children below 18 years live in orphanages.

Around 1500 orphanages are functioning in Kerala. Almost 80- 90% of the youngsters in orphanages have families and relatives. Many orphans and vulnerable children slip further into poverty once the family’s main bread winner stops working or dies.

There is nothing more traumatic for a toddler than to ascertain a parent die. Added to the present tragedy is that the loss of adult guidance and protection. Children without proper adult care are more likely to be abused & exploited.

Children during this category include orphans, abandoned children, children who have lost their parents in war, communal riots, natural disaster, accidents etc. they’re not properly fed; they need no shelter, nutritious food, health care, education or any recreation.

Most of them face economic and social exploitation. they’re bereft of love and affection of the family and are often unwanted by the relations.

Children are the best assets of our nation. Investing in them is investing for a far better future for our country & for our world.

Considering all the truth of this situation faced by some children (orphans) in our society, Kerala Government has launched a noble initiative “SNEHAPOORVAM” to supply financial assistance to orphans who live within the family, with their relatives, friends, or the support of the community under the welfare Department implemented through Social Security Mission.

The mission has initiated the project that aims at bringing these children to the most stream of the society.

How To Apply for KSSM Snehapoorvam Scholarship 2020?

The application with necessary documents should be submitted to the top of Aided/Govt. institutions (School and Colleges) before 31st October of each year.

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The head of the institution will verify and submit the appliance through the online portal to executive, Kerala Social Security Mission. Children below 5 yrs. can directly apply to executive, Kerala Social Security Mission through the respective child welfare committees.

Apply Online :

Email :
Number : 1800 120 1001